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Here’s a Lingerie Giveaway.


The past few weeks have been super shitty and I just got some new lingerie to feel better and I’m gonna do the same for you.

I have mixed feelings about True&Co in terms of sizing (do not rely on the quiz for your size, it is vastly inaccurate and you should go to get fitted by a lingerie professional and not rely on algorithms) but you know what, if you know your size, you’re gonna appreciate free lingerie no matter where it comes from. Plus their stuff is super comfortable. So. Here are the rules and other info.

This is for $55 store credit. This can get you a full set, or a bunch of loungewear, etc.

  1. All you have to do is reblog this post. Just once. 
  2. A like counts as an additional entry. 
  3. You’ll have to be following me. 
  4. You have to be comfortable giving me your address so I can send you said lingerie. Also you need to know your size. Unfortunately True&Co does not have an expansive size selection. So keep that in mind. If you are full bust you will probably not benefit from this giveaway at all.
  5. You’re going to have to be at least 16 because I would feel like a pervert buying underwear for people under the age of 16. Your parents would probably beat me up?????? 

This giveaway is for anyone who wants lingerie who fits the following requirements. Don’t send me messages about who you think you should win or try to bribe me or anything, I have no agenda for this, I just wanna make people feel better. Every time I do a giveaway some shit goes down where people try to write essays about why their best friends deserve it and none of this influences me at all. Let me just give you free things, okay? I don’t want anything else out of it. This giveaway is not endorsed by Tumblr or True&Co at all, by the way.

This giveaway ends August 15th at midnight EST.


"THIS IS MY CURRENT FAVORITE PERFUME. It’s lighter than my winter favorites by Tom Ford and Elizabeth & James but not minty fresh and super cool like my Comme des Garcons fragrance" which cdg perfume are you referring to here? thank you
as someone born with congenital anosmia (without a sense of smell) can you suggest perfumes for me from ur great perfume wisdom that would make me smell fresh/earthy/idk how to explain this but basically like a mountaingirl that isn't too crazy expensive? thanks!!!


Oh this is an interesting situation! You’re looking for aromatic greens. Here are my suggestions:

  • Amazinggreen by Comme des Garcons ($100~) - Palm tree leaves, green pepper, dew mist, jungle leaves, Ivy leaves, orris roots, coriander seeds, silex, Gunpowder accord, vetiver, smoke, white musk. To me, it smells like a forest is punching me in the face. Like, literally, if a forest had magical powers and could form a fist and punch me in the face, this is what it would smell like. That event. It’s very fresh and clearing and foresty, like the most vibrant, cold days in spring. You can buy a sample of it for $4. I also love CDG Hinoki. It’s not “fresh” to me, it’s a darker forest. 
  • CK be Calvin Klein Unisex ($25~) - This is very green and then comes in with musks that make is sexy as it develops. First it’s very fresh and it gets darker. Peppermint and greeny in the beginning, then a little florally (but not like roses, blegh), then the darkness. I actually really like it on other people. 
  • Moss & Ivy by For Strange Women ($40) - It’s described as a “forest in a bottle”. Moss, ivy, oak, etc. 

oooooooo really wanna try that CDG scent.  I have one of theirs that’s odd.

a guide to drugstore lipsticks for those who need it




if u were like me and you had no one to tell you which are the right lipsticks to get, allow me to save u time, money, and stress. hopefully this post will help you decide whats lipsticks to buy based on the descriptions of them!!!

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I’ve personally had decent luck with the wet n wild matte lipsticks, but their products can be hit or miss within a line depending on the shade you pick up.

The Rimmel apocalips are awesome liquid lipsticks and Revlon has the best formulation in my experience. I’ll have to try the nyx lipsticks but their glosses and matte creams are lovely. Also, it’s good to know about those wet and wild lipsticks bc it has tempted me before.

The Baby Lips are my favorite!  A huge plus for me is that they don’t melt if I carry them around in my pocket all day, which I do at work.  They feel nice and slick and add a little subtle wash of color.

I disagree about not buying other Wet n Wild products though!  Their eyeshadows are surprisingly good quality and worth grabbing if you don’t want to blow $40 on a weird color you might not wear more than once or twice a year.


My first foil mani with Color Club Foil Film Manicure set. 



My first foil mani with Color Club Foil Film Manicure set. 


Nail Rock in Antique Gold!  #nails #nailpolish

Nail Rock in Antique Gold! #nails #nailpolish



I’m actually concerned for boys who complain about how different girls look without makeup. Like did you think eyeshadow permanently alters a girls eyelid? Are you frightened when people change clothes

Babies have no concept of object permanence



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